The Great Everything is a life project dedicated to exploring the ideas, experiences, and cultures that enrich our lives.


We’re two friends who ditched careers in Big Law because the grind of the corporate rat race felt like a poor use of time. We set out to identify what gave our lives meaning, and spend more time on that (and related pursuits) instead. 

But fulfillment isn’t necessarily about changing career. It’s about leading a better life in all respects, and working out how to do you. That means something different for everyone. Here, we share our recipe for a life lived wide and well, namely: Art, Donuts,Transformation.

Art is engaging with the world for intellectual stimulation. It means learning about jazz, a Great artist or philosopher, or even a secret wine, with the specific goal of broadening our understanding: what is it that makes it Great? How does it relate to other experiences that light up our minds?

Donuts is engaging for gut pleasure. It means understanding the unique power of visceral enjoyment, and snobs be damned! Donuts is what you feel when you’re bobbing your head to the Wu-Tang Clan, it’s the thrill of an epic explosion in your favourite action movie, it’s the rush you get from that first bite into a truly Great pork rib. What does our intense connection to these experiences tell us? Why do only some of these deliver us perfect satisfaction?

Transformation is engaging for self-betterment. It means asking: how can I be better tomorrow than I was yesterday? And then taking the lessons we learn and applying them to our lives. It means philosophy – grappling with humanity’s big ideas and questions. It means learning about our psychological patterns. It means thinking through topical issues critically, so we can then grow the conversation, and tame our tribal instincts.

The Great Everything is an exploration into all these different things that bring meaning to our lives, and what we can learn from them to become better humanoids.

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