Hi. We’re two friends who ditched our careers as corporate lawyers to start a website nobody would ever read. The Great Everything is that website. 

Just like you, we have a mildly debilitating case of ADHD. But we’ve put a positive spin on it and decided to roll as polymaths. We get obsessive about a whole bunch of stuff, from music to wine, from philosophy to BBQ, and Great TV to novel outlooks – and how each of those things can impact or transform our lives. In brief: Art, Donuts and Transformation

More than anything, we get our kicks from sharing these ADHD-fuelled discoveries and discussing life’s Great experiences and questions – with each other, and anyone who happens to be eavesdropping. 

So that’s what we do here – and on our radio show on Anchor – when we’re not being lazy and/or focused on other life projects: talk about Everything.

As long as it’s Great.

The Great Everything About Us Picture