It’s been a little while. Sorry about that. Here’s why.

We recently celebrated The Great Everything’s first birthday! And with that, came some cool news.

As of February 2017, The Great Everything has a mini radio show on Anchor.fm! We’re now official content creators for this truly awesome app, which is democratising radio and reinventing it in the process. The Great Everything‘s station deals with all forms of culture, philosophy, and other assorted nonsense.

If you’re not already familiar with Anchor, check it out by downloading the app – simply put, it’s radio by the people, for the people, and it’s truly fantastic. Anchor allows you to broadcast your own audio content or interact with others via short voice recordings. Or, you can simply tune in and enjoy other people’s discussions around the topics that interest you. Think of it as an open podcast for anyone to kick back to, but with the added option of contributing yourself if the desire strikes.

What this means is there’ll be a lot more audio snippets appearing on The Great Everything going forwards (sign up to Anchor for access to exclusive content that won’t make it onto the website). This will complement our main written content.

If you want to hear some experiments from our early days, before we became an official Anchor station, here’s a few tasters below. But do chime in to listen to the new stuff, ’cause it’s a blast!

Thanks again for your support in our founding year. We’re very excited to have come this far.

Marc & Patrick


Early experiments and thought-farts on Anchor.fm:

12 Jan 2017 – Hollywood vs. Trump 

On easy opinions and the supposed bravery of Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech.

11 Jan 2017 – Religious Freedom 

Integration or freedom of religion? An interesting decision by the European Court of Human Rights

10 Jan 2017 – Run The Jewels 

#AllTheMusic Run The Jewels’ latest album “RTJ3″ is the smart, angry protest hip-hop we most need

5 Dec 2016 – Free Speech 

Controversy re boycott of Milo Yiannopoulos’ book – a free speech issue or business decision?

2 Jan 2017 – Gender Diversity  

This clickbait header is “Gender diversity! Personal choice or mental illness?”

31 Dec 2016 -Danny Brown

Best Of 2016 N.1 -the dark beauty of Danny Brown’s deranged masterpiece “Atrocity Exhibition

31 Dec 2016 – Car Seat Headrest  

Best Of 2016 N.2 – Car Seat Headrest “Teens of Denial“, indie rock with balls and a brain

29 Dec 2016 -A Tribe Called Quest  

Best Of 2016 N.3 – A Tribe Called Quest is back and kickin’ ass with “We Got It From Here…

29 Dec 2016 – Radiohead 

Best Of 2016 N.4 –  Radiohead’s “A Moon Shaped Pool“. The future’s inside us, it’s not somewhere else

28 Dec 2016 – Weyes Blood 

Best Of 2016 N.5 – Weyes Blood’s “Front Row Seat To Earth“, haunting ethereal beauty

27 Dec 2016 -Mitski  

Best Of 2016 N.6, Mitski’s critically acclaimed and incredibly varied “Puberty 2

25 Dec 2016 -Kevin Morby  

Best Of 2016 N.7 – Bob Dylan lovers should rejoice at Kevin Morby’s great folk album “Singing Saw

22 Dec 2016 -David Bowie  

Best Of 2016 N.8 – David Bowie’s parting gift, the lugubrious and experimental “Blackstar

21 Dec 2016 – Solange 

Best Of 2016 N.9 – Solange “A Seat At The Table“, an ode to black womanhood

20 Dec 2016 – The Avalanches 

Best Of 2016 N.10 – The Avalanches “Wildflower“, the greatest party album of the year

20 Dec 2016 – 2016 Countdown 

Best Of 2016 –  Introducing TGE’s countdown to the best albums of 2016

11 Dec 2016 – Hip-Hop 

#AllTheMusic -Up for some hip hop?Ghostface Killah’s “Daytona 500” has the sickest flow

2 Dec 2016 – Westworld 

Westworld ends a disappointing first season. There are no surprise twists in the age fan theories.

2 Dec 2016 – Disagreement

Patrick’s longform rant on politics, epistemology and the art of dialogue: “Why Are Other People Wrong?

28 Nov 2016 – Art

On Marc’s article on Rodin, “The Art of Sculpting a Feeling

25 Nov 2016 – Ethics

Ethical dilemma and a bit of drama! My friend’s relationship problems and how she addressed them, Patrick’s sharing her story with Anchor.fm, her disappointment with Patrick, Patrick being Patrick etc. Should we ask questions if we can’t handle the answer?

24 Nov 2016 – Opera

#AllTheMusic Ep.8 – Franco Corelli sings Andrea Chenier. When patriotism inspired love, not hate.

22 Nov 2016 – Supergirl

#GoddammitSupergirl Ep.7 – Jimmy Olsen is bullshit. Cadmus is bullshit. It’s all bullshit.

19 Nov 2016 – Music in 2016

Calling all music lovers! What’s the best album of 2016?

14 Nov 2016 – Westworld

#GoddammitSupergirl Ep.6 – Wake up America! Patrick rants about the twist in the latest Westworld.

13 Nov 2016 – Arrival

Arrival” is one of the greatest movies of 2016, and its message of unity comes at the perfect time.

11 Nov 2016 – Quintorigo

#AllTheMusic Ep.7 – “Kristo, Si!” by Quintorigo, THE most interesting band you’ve never heard of.

9 Nov 2016 – USA Elections

#AllTheMusic Ep.6 – Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong, in Buffalo Springfield’s “What it’s Worth“.

There’s battle lines being drawn, nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong

8 Nov 2016 – Classical

#AllTheMusic Ep.5 – The delicate virtuosity of Beethoven’s piano sonata n.21, “Waldstein“.

7 Nov 2016 – Westworld

Humanity astonished, as in a shocking development, Westworld ‘s plot actually moves forward!

6 Nov 2016 – Philosophy

Why do we love sad stories? What is it about tragedy as a genre that is so enduring?

5 Nov 2016 – Jazz

#AllTheMusic Ep.4 – The development of solo: Hank Mobley’s saxophone improv on “Teo” by Miles Davis blossoms like a Spanish flower.

4 Nov 2016 – Booze

Gin & Tonic – a couple of elegant twists on the classic that you can try at home

4 Nov 2016 – Legends Of Tomorrow

#GoddammitSupergirl Ep.5 – Patrick rants about the abysmal awfulness of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

3 Nov 2016 – Booze

Patrick shamelessly plugs Marc’s article on craft gin :/

3 Nov 2016 – Philosophy

Is it better that 100 guilty men go free or that one innocent man be punished? A fascination conversation about ethics and our own hypocrisy.

2 Nov 2016 – Delta Blues

#AllTheMusic Ep.3 – Blind Willie Johnson’s “Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground” is something generous and uplifting, for all humankind.

1 Nov 2016 – Supergirl

#GoddammitSupergirl Ep.4 – bad dialogue, alien fight club, martians sheboinking and THUpergirl, in the latest episode of The CW’s Supergirl.

1 Nov 2016 – World Music

#AllTheMusic Ep.2 – A trip to Congo, Africa. Hope and sorrow mix in “Coco Blues“, by Mbongwana Star.

31 Oct 2016 – Westworld

Mystery vs Momentum – thoughts on HBO’s Westworld. Should we care about mystery for mystery’s sake? Does keeping secrets get in the way of moving the plot forward?

30 Oct 2016 – Art

Sparing a thought for the ravaged beauty of a medieval Italian town, hit by an earthquake today.

30 Oct 2016 – World Music

#AllTheMusic Ep.1 – Indian classical music. Ravi Shankar & Yehudi Menuhin’s “Swara Kakali

29 Oct 2016 – Dr. Strange

A strong cast and visuals make Dr. Strange the best Marvel origin movie since Guardians of the Galaxy

28 Oct 2016 – Legends Of Tomorrow

#GoddammitSupergirl Ep.3 – Japanese accents, heroism and historians on The CW’s Legends Of Tomorrow

27 Oct 2016 – Arrow

#GoddammitSupergirl Ep.2 – mild vexation at the incompetent mayorship on display on The CW’s Arrow

26 Oct 2016 – Politics

Cakegate! Is it gay rights vs freedom of conscience?

25 Oct 2016 – Supergirl

#GoddammitSupergirl Ep.1 – a series where Patrick shouts angrily at his favourite dumb superhero shows

25 Oct 2016 – Jazz

Benny Goodman and Gene Krupa bring the swing with this 1938 live version of “Swingtime In The Rockies

25 Oct 2016 – Black Mirror

San Junipero, S03E04 of Netflix’s Black Mirror is one of the most beautiful hours of tv you’ll ever see

24 Oct 2016 – Westworld

Could HBO’s Westworld be getting good? Patrick’s 2-minute review of S01E04.

22 Oct 2016 – Black Mirror

Reviewing the season 3 pilot for Netflix’s incredible (and troubling) Black Mirror

21 Oct 2016 – Arrow

A moment of irritation at the bad dialogue in The CW’s Arrow

20 Oct 2016 – Atlanta

Donald Glover’s Atlanta, a funny, insightful portrayal of being black in America, that’s the best show on tv

19 Oct 2016 – Philosophy

Parmenides vs Heraclitus – is change impossible or is the universe in constant flux?

19 Oct 2016 – Jazz

Talking through (and singing along to) Bix Beiderbecke’s “Riverboat Shuffle” (1927)

11 Oct 2016 – Supergirl

Patrick reviews season 2’s premier of The CW’s Supergirl. Because of course he did.

9 Oct 2016 – Philosophy

Catching oranges on LSD – is knowledge just “justified true belief”?

9 Oct 2016 – Jazz

Patrick gets a little carried away listening to Louis Armstrong’s “I’m A Ding-Dong Daddy

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