How we keep The Great Everything running

We value transparency and wanted a clear statement on our homepage about the touchy little subject of money. Many online magazines and blogs get grief because they fail to mention the stuff below so let’s do it.

What little income we currently receive from the website is generated as follows:

Affiliate Schemes
Some (but by no means all) of the links in our articles will take you to Amazon or a number of other websites. If you’re redirected to one of these sites via The Great Everything and you make a purchase within a set time-frame, we get a small kick-back from Amazon and co for pointing you there. We have not, do not and never will link to products for primarily monetary motives. Without our integrity, we’d lose our credibility and it wouldn’t take long to lose you, our readers. If we lose you, we’re just two mad men yelling in the dark. We think it’s ok that we make a small amount in exchange for pointing you towards something you’ve then chosen to buy. It costs you nothing more than the normal price but it keeps us afloat. Or rather, it might one day keep us afloat. Right now, we’re living off our savings to do this.

As you’ll have seen, we use discrete advertising networks to place small adverts on certain pages. We invest great time and care in trying to make them as unintrusive as possible. As our audience continues to grow, we’ll be able to reduce the quantity of these further and perhaps increase the quality/relevance of the few remaining ones. We make a minuscule amount if you click on some of them. We also make a pittance if you buy through some of them. Sorry they’re there, but we need them to help us continue our growth.

Pretty self-explanatory. We spend ages researching, editing and formatting what we hope are useful and enjoyable products. In exchange, we charge a small fee and trust that you’ll limit them to personal usage. Like your nasal spray.

Sponsored Posts
We haven’t done any of these so far. We’ve been asked but we’ll continue to say no until we get a request to write about something we genuinely love. If that ever happens, we’ll receive a small payment for it from the person who requested us to do it. You’ll know about it because it’ll be labelled as a sponsored post. All in all, not looking too relevant right now anyway.

Lastly, we solicit donations – primarily via PayPal. Yup, it’s every bit as unglamorous as it sounds but we’re sincerely grateful to everyone who chips in. It’s hugely motivating and humbling to know that some of you enjoy what’s here enough to contribute in that way.

There you have it. None of this is bringing home mega-bucks. But it’s how we’re going to try to run The Great Everything.