The Great Everything

A Podcast on The 10 Questions of Human Existence

At a time of growing disconnect

we explore The 10 Questions that connect us all


The Great Everything is a philosophy of self-authorship and social impact, delivered through a podcast and social enterprise.

We want all people to be able to self-author their lives, find meaningful connection to others, and experience a shared reality — starting humbly with the two of us. Most of us are unable to do these things fully because of a growing disconnect from ourselves, each other, and reality as a whole. Ample data shows our growing depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-servingness, polarization, and delusion across demographic and partisan lines.

Yet today’s challenges are little different from those faced by every other human, from our earliest ancestors to the humanoids of the future. We are all bound by The 10 Questions that define the human experience. Thankfully, that means we also have a world of potential answers to these questions to explore, drawing from every culture that’s ever existed. By exploring these answers and identifying those we find most inspiring, we can find the tools to make better choices, rediscover what connects us all, and come closer to what is.

That’s what we do here: explore humanity’s greatest thinkers, finders, and creators in search of the insights and experiences we need to construct our own answers to The 10 Questions of human existence. In doing so, we gain power to redirect ourselves, each other, and the world as we know it.

We hope you’ll join us as we document the journey and apply its learnings.

The 10 Questions


Camber pic Marc Allen

Marc Allen

Marc grows The Great Everything’s impact through content contributions, community outreach, and commercial services.

By day, he serves as a strategy consultant to global governments, businesses, and philanthropies seeking to optimize their social impact. His focus is on reviving pathways to shared prosperity and equal opportunity in the US and globally, with an emphasis on renewing the social contract and driving cross-sector commitment to socioeconomic mobility.

By night, Marc coaches social sector leaders and fellow professionals looking to realize their vision and themselves — drawing on his professional conversion from attorney to strategic advisor, global and cross-cultural life experiences, and ongoing learnings from The Great Everything.

Based in California, Marc is a dual French and British national. He holds degrees in International Relations and law. 


Patrick Daniel

Patrick is responsible for structuring The Great Everything’s philosophical framework and leading podcast production.

Part of his work here is to translate theoretical ideas into real-world solutions that can help people to achieve self-authorship in their lives and positively impact society. The other part is a quixotic attempt to classify all knowledge and experiences into a human theory of everything.

As a philosopher, Patrick’s main interest is in the intersection of information landscapes, democracy, and disagreement. He is also interested in the history of ideas, personal identity, the possibility of knowledge, and idea of non-existence.

Patrick is pan-European, having been raised across Italian, British, and Hungarian cultures. He holds degrees in Classics, law, and political philosophy, speaks many languages, and side-gigs as both a corporate attorney and a personal ethics advisor.