For some, the #PolymathLifestyle is more than just an excuse to sit on their ass and watch TV all day. For the rest of us, there’s TGE’s Pop Culture Quickie.

What is

These days we’re Super-excited about, a new audio broadcasting platform that launched in February this year. It’s basically interactive radio for the people, by the people and we think it’s got real potential to be the Next Big Thing in audio content. You record soundbites lasting up to 2 minutes, put them out there, and others respond and engage with you. These conversations are compiled into a podcast capturing the full exchange. It’s kind of like eavesdropping on people’s private chats – except, you can also chime in.

Aside from being excited about the platform itself, we’ve been having a ton of fun recording our waves – brief reviews and rants (and the occasional question) on The Great Everything‘s usual topics – and interacting with our new friends on Anchor. If you’re into radio and podcasting or just curious about tech and social media, download the free app (and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel @TGE!).

The Great Everything Is Shifting Gears cover

In the meantime, we’ll be uploading a selection of our waves and conversations to the blog – you can access them through:

– our Podcast page; and

– our occasional Pop Culture Quickie articles, in which we’ll collect waves that relate to tv, movies and music, as well as all episodes of #GoddammitSupergirl, a series in which Patrick shouts angrily at his favourite superhero shows.

You won’t need to download the app in either case (but we really recommend you do – it’s awesome), all you have to do is click play in your browser and you’ll get to listen to the whole conversation. Nice and easy.

Here’s a few recent testers we put out.


If you haven’t heard of FX’s Atlanta, course-correct immediately. 

Created by and starring Donald Glover, Atlanta isn’t just a smart, funny and insightful portrayal of being black in America, it’s the best new show on tv right now.

Black Mirror

A quick review of the season 3 premiere, Nosedive

Charlie Brooker’s masterpiece anthology series Black Mirror returns to Netflix with its usual blend of technology, paranoia and Twilight Zone-esque suspense. Black screens, social critique and the terminal decline of our civilisation are all front and centre in the excellent and troubling season premiere.

Goddammit, Supergirl!

#GoddammitSupergirl is a series in which Patrick despairs at the idiocy on display in his favourite dumb comic book shows. 

Episode 3: Japanese accents, historians know everything and the heart of a hero on Legends Of Tomorrow. 

If you’re into any of DC’s superhero shows, you can listen to all episodes of Goddammit, Supergirl – and much more – by clicking here.

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