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Our primary output is our podcast, available across all mainstream platforms. The podcast explores the myriad ways in which culture, philosophy, and lived experience advance our answers to The 10 Questions of human existence

We recommend that those new to The Great Everything begin by listening to Episode 0, which explains our vision in greater detail. For a deeper dive into The 10 Questions, move on to Episodes 1 to 10, where you will find an introduction to each. 

As a collaborative venture by design, your input is fundamental to The Great Everything. Please call in to the podcast to leave an audio message with your questions and perspectives. 


Our coaching service aims to help you achieve self-authorship and social impact in your life.

We offer members of our community direct support in converting their reflections into meaningful action. We typically begin by exploring how your every day as a human comprises countless experiences and decisions, each of which you have some agency over – and all of which derive from The 10 Questions. 

The Great Everything’s coaching model includes two programs:

Our self-authorship program is focused on self-change and practical decision-making. Coaching spans questions such as: How do I find my purpose? What are my values? Am I in a good relationship? Should I switch career? How can I deal with pain?, and a variety of life choices and ethical dilemmas, small or large.

Our social impact program focuses on how to shape your contribution to the wider world. We help you develop detailed plans on questions such as: How can I have an impact on the world? Should I start a nonprofit? How do I decide who to vote for? How should I manage my organization? Can I help people in need? 

In both programs, we help you develop your own framework through which to find your answers to these questions. We then help you identify your goals and the guiding steps and principles to reach them.

We want our coaching to be accessible to everyone. We therefore invite clients to donate according to their means. Most pay classic coaching rates, some pay less, some pay nothing.


[Note: Due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic, our live events are replaced with online events.]

We organize unique social experiences in the US, Europe, and online. These entertaining and educational events center on culture and philosophy as keys to understanding the spectrum of the human experience. They range in format, from speaking at organization get-aways and conferences, to curating small-group experiences within a home environment.

We also speak at external events focused on self-development, self-authorship, social impact, and the past and future of the human.

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