The 10 Questions

Who Am I?

To understand our place in the world, we must first understand what I  means. That means exploring questions such as: What is my purpose? What does it mean to be myself? Why do I behave the way I do? Is my identity fixed or fluid? What does it mean to be a human?

What Is Real?

Reality is impossibly vast and complex for our minds to fully grasp. But before we decide what to do about anything, we need to know how things really are. This raises big quandaries such as: What is reality? How do reality and perception interact? How do narratives shape our understanding? Does the world work as we think? Is there a theory of everything?.

Am I Right?

In an age of alarming polarization and mass-dissemination of opinions, it’s more important than ever to question what we believe to be true. Here, we explore questions such as: How do I know what I think I know? Which sources of information can I trust? Does truth exist? Is science the best path to knowledge? Can we really be sure of anything?

What Matters?

Everything we do should ideally reflect our priorities and values. Yet to truly align our goals with our actions, we must understand why we care about some things over others. Here, we try to identify values and experiences worth pursuing. What makes something truly great? Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? What is a good life? Is there such a thing as objective morality?

What Should I Do?

Perhaps the most recurring of all questions we face, consciously or subconsciously, throughout our every day. This question has a practical focus on the intersection of ethics and action. How do I make better decisions? Should I follow my brain, my heart or my gut? How can I tell which is which? Which competing needs should I prioritize? How can I practice what I preach?

How Do I Face Suffering?

Suffering is a persistent feature of the human experience. Because of this, it’s not enough to try to avoid suffering. We must learn how to cope with it and harness it. We explore questions that can yield empowering answers: How do I deal with pain? Is life suffering? Is my suffering self-inflicted? What social impact can I have on those in hardship? How can I be happy in a troubling world?

How Do We Live Together?

In an age in which we are more interconnected yet in many ways further apart than ever before, these questions are more urgent than ever:  How do we reconcile different worldviews in a global world? Whose needs should take precedence? How do we disagree productively? What models of coexistence work best for diverse societies? How do we pursue effective government and philanthropy?

Where Are We Going?

Preparing for the future and seeking to shape it or course-correct are a key part of how we derive our sense of collective direction. We explore questions such as: What are the greatest challenges of the 21st century? Will the human species prosper, transform or self-annihilate? What are the dangers and opportunities of AI? What can history teach us about our present and future? What story are we all currently in?


The one ‘question’ that is not a question but a certainty. Death is a part of life, yet one we widely struggle to process, discuss, and prepare for. We ask: What happens to us when we die? Why do we fear death? Does death provide our meaning? What would we do if we knew the world would end tomorrow, in a year, or in ten years? Why do we die?

Why Are We Here?

The ultimate existential dilemma since the dawn of human consciousness, the question of the meaning of life continues to frame our every moment. What makes life worth living? What is the point of human existence? Is there a meaning of life? How do we fit into The Great Everything?