We’re frequently asked about the meaning of The Great Everything, so we took a moment to wax philosophical on what it represents to us. 

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Now we have this site and the beginnings of a community. We’re learning something new every day. Our ultimate ambition of building a life around the things we love (and earning a living from it) is starting to look possible. It’s early days, but it’s exciting.

Yet whenever we’re asked what The Great Everything is all about, our answer still varies.

Sometimes it comes out haughty:

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Other times, more pitchy:

The Great Everything 3

But both answers are slight cop-outs. They say nothing about what really lights us up.

So we’d like to briefly touch on what it is about Great Things that matters to us so much that we’d quit our jobs to write about them. You can definitely enjoy The Great Everything without knowing any of this  – we just wanted to lay it down somewhere so you know where we’re coming from.

It starts with a question.

 How do Great Things speak to us?

Knowing why we respond to one particular idea or experience over another means getting to a very personal place: the source of what makes us feel.

So what does a Great Thing make us feel?

Speaking for ourselves:

1. A sense of trueness to self, as though it knows what it is and isn’t trying to be any more or less than just that. Its authenticity allows you to truly experience it for what it is. A Great Thing connects you to itself.

2. A sense of recognition, as though you’re coming across something you’d always known but had somehow forgotten. It shines a spotlight on a forgotten place inside you – a memory, an emotion or an idea. A Great Thing connects you to yourself.

3. A sense of presence that leaves you rooted in the moment. When you engage with an inspiring idea, a sensory delight or something profoundly moving, there’s a feeling that nothing else exists other than you and itA Great Thing connects you to the Now.

What this all boils down to is that Great Things say something true about themselves, about us and about reality as a whole.

Wait, did you just say reality as a whole?!

The Great Everything

We share a belief that all things that exist are part of a single whole – a deeper reality that encapsulates and permeates us all. We think of it as the home of all things.

But the slog of the daily grind and its constant, empty distractions sometimes make this reality hard to connect with.

Great Things are an antidote to that. To us, they’re pure representations of the various sides of life. As such, they provide direct glimpses into that deeper reality.

The Great Everything 4

Various people refer to this reality as the universe, truth, the essence of being, a science of life or God.

We call it Everything.

And it’s precisely this Great Everything that we want to learn about and explore, to the limit of our abilities. We believe that understanding Great Things is to come closer to understanding Everything.

Sure, Viktor Frankl reminds us that ultimate meaning is beyond human comprehension – but feeling connected to something Greater than ourselves, even momentarily, is what life is all about.

(Just to note, this doesn’t mean that every time we down a Great donut, we’re pondering the ultimate nature of reality! Just, that the feeling of experiencing something more permanent than ourselves is why we love Great things.)

Ways in to Great things

We like to think that if you read The Great Everything, you’re probably a bit like us. You’re passionate (or want to be) about all sorts of experiences. You find pleasure and meaning in Great things and you’re curious to absorb as many as possible.

To you, it’s not enough to just enjoy something Great and leave it at that. You’re wired to dig deeper. You wonder why it’s so Great. What about it excites you and what does that feel like? What’s it got over its peers? How does it connect to other Great things, in different categories? Which qualities in a Champagne Collard-Picard also pop up in A Love Supreme?

That’s what we love exploring with you.

And because we have passions, curiosity and experience across a whole bunch of fields, we choose to explore these questions across a crazy range of areas.

So that, folks, is how we justify spending more time eating ribs, drinking bourbon, listening to musical legends, studying the advice of our heroes or contemplating weird stuff like a world governed by an unfathomable logic. And sharing it all with you.

If you relate to our pursuit, we’d love you to share what the Everything looks like to you. What connects all the experiences you find truly Great? Leave us a comment or drop us a line.
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